Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. As long as you can post a review to Amazon or Goodreads, you can sign up to host any book.

Yes! As long as you post on the date you choose, you are welcome to sign up for any number of books.

Please let me know as soon as possible, if you can please give me 24 hours notice. If I do not hear from you, I will replace the stop with another blog host. If this happens more than twice, you will be removed from any future virtual book tours.

No, you cannot.

Let me know when you sign up! Most authors will need at least one week to respond and prepare. All your questions, topics or requests need to be sent in as early as possible.

Just like one book and author are different from others so are the results. Some authors see immediate results in the form of  sales or book reviews and for others it will take longer . This largely depends on your overall book marketing plan. Because of this it is encouraged you do one marketing promotion or event once every month. This can be in the form of book clubs and readings, giveaways, virtual blog tours and/or advertising. If you need help formulating a book marketing plan, please contact me.

 – RE: How is Book Tour Tips different from other tour companies?

No. Once your tour packet is sent there will be no more email reminders. It will be up to you to send your info to me in a timely manner so I can prepare your media kit. If you need to change the start date for any reason, you will need to let me know as early as you can so I can let the blog hosts know.

This depends on which tour package you choose, the duration of your tour and also your preference. It is strongly encouraged that you write new posts (unique content for each blog host).

You. Guests posts must be original content written by you for blog hosts on your tour. The more unique and original guest posts you write the more your blog hosts will appreciate it.

You will receive a tour packet within 3 to 5 business days after the invoice is paid. All requirements for your virtual book tour will be contained within – ie. information BookTour.Tips will need from you involving your guest posts and author interview which will be used during your virtual book tour.

Once payment is received, blog hosts  targeted for your virtual book tour will need to be contacted and scheduled. If they are also reviewing your book they will need time to read and write a review for your book. The tour schedule is sold by a first come first serve basis.

Not at the moment as I am still compiling a list of all bloggers who have signed up to BookTour.Tips

I realise that not all buy links may be available at the time of signing up for your tour. Please type in “Will send later” in the required column.

Your social media links; which needs to include all links you want shared to bloggers and readers, your book buy links; such as Amazon, Smashwords and / or Barnes & Noble, book genre and book rating: G, PG, PG13, R etc.

A Virtual Book Tour, or VBT, entails making appearances on a variety of different social media platforms. These include, but are not limited to blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

No. Blog hosts are given gifts in the form of Amazon gift cards as a thank you or as part of a giveaway during a tour. From time to time, we also also have blogger appreciation raffles.

BookTour.Tips believes in our authors and their success. Part of our ideology is the journey to it’s success takes you and the book on the scenic route instead of the expressway. It means taking the time to take it all in, get you and your book  the most exposure and not the speedy trip into the city. We do this by having a variety of promotional programs including tours longer than the most other tour companies as well as shorter tours for those who desire so.