If you need some help juggling book marketing and writing, then look no further. For more details about my qualifications, click on the About Me tab. Before you consider my services, please ensure your book has been professionally edited and has a good cover. If not it's a waste of my time and your money. If you are interested in any of the below services, please email kate.booktourtips (at) gmail (dot) com

General Information & Recommendations

Plan your budget for what your book needs before publishing (cover, editing, etc.) and after publishingLearn More
Social media isn’t about bombarding people about your book, it’s about being social.Learn More
You need minimum 25 reviews as soon as your book is published.Learn More
You will need more than one thing to have long-term success at self-publishing.Learn More

Top Selling Services

  1. Tweetastic (Price range USD6 to USD50)
  2. Read & Review Listing (USD10 per month)

Book Tour Tip

A virtual book tour is your chance to connect with targeted bloggers and readers. When you sign up with BookTour.Tips you also receive dedicated support for your book marketing effortsand other components of your book marketing plan.
Facebook, Twitter and GoodReads are excellent ways to reach readers.
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The support, both before and after release of my book, was nothing short of phenomenal.
Dennis Sharpe, Author, Wednesday
I now have a credible Goodreads page, and my website has never looked better. Kate understands the mechanics behind search engines and social media, and she is 100% sensitive to my preferences and style. Highly recommended.